Interview: Amanda Røren Størseth

Amanda, please introduce yourself:

Well, I´m a 21-year-old girl that lives in Oslo.


How do you find out about Murlong Cres?

I found out about Murlong Cres via Instagram in the fall 2020. I loved the look of the clothes and started to follow right away.


Have you ever done any modeling before?

No, so this is very new for me. But it is also very exciting.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Everything will be okay to the end.


Where is your favourite Norwegian summer weekend escape and why?

Our cabin and “sæter” in Alvdal. I grew up there on the summers when I was little, and it became my escape.


We recently captured you for our latest collection, Scandinavian Summer - what was your favourite moment from the shoot?

Seeing the new collection in real life! The colours are so amazing!


Your motto for 2021:

See all the little good things in life. They are very important in these times.


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