Interview: Charlotte Pettersen

Charlotte, please introduce yourself:

I'm 23 years old and from the northern part of Norway. I love to be social and hang out with my friends and family. Besides from that I like to take photos and be active on Instagram.

How do you find out about Murlong Cres?

Through Instagram! Then Kaja and I started talking and meet for coffee.

Have you ever done any modeling before?

No, only a little bit through Instagram.


What is your dream career?

I want a socially beneficial and important job helping others.


Which outfit from our latest collection is your favorite?

I can't decide between the Alva dress and the Charlotte dress - they are both my favorite and so beautiful!


You are originally from the Northern part of Norway. I have never been, but I want to go! Where should I go and why?

Yes, born and raised! You should definitively visit Lofoten - the midnight sun and northern light makes it so magical in both summer and winter! 


Visit Charlotte's Instagram here!