Interview: Kelly Cecilie Fossen

Kelly, please introduce yourself:

Hi, I’m Kelly and I am a 20 year old girl from Kløfta, a small town right outside from Oslo. I’ve studied both drama and dance and started studying fashion this year and I love it.


How do you find out about Murlong Cres?

I came over their Instagram page and fell in love with the clothes immediately, I loved the fabrics and patterns and wanted every clothing item on the page!


Have you ever done any modeling before?

Yes, I’ve work as a freelance model for some brands and freelance photographers the last few years and I really enjoy it.


We recently captured you for our latest collection, Scandinavian Summer - what was your favourite moment from the shoot?

My favorite part was seeing the new collection and trying it on and getting an amazing summer vibe from the clothes.


Which outfit from our latest collection is your favorite?

The Dagny corset with the baggy jeans is for sure my favorite outfit in the new collection and will be wearing it a lot this summer!


Currently playing on your Summer playlist is:

On my summer playlist is a throwback song. If a song could get me you by Marit Larsen, such a happy song.


Your motto for 2021:

My motto for 2021 is to make the best out of any situation. If 2020 thought us something it is that you never know what will come our way, and we just have to develop and make the best out of it.


Visit Kelly's Instagram here!