Astrid Skirt in Ballerina Authentic Silk

1,500.00 NOK

Picture the fluidity and grace of a dancer on stage, the classical sophistication of opera houses and theatres. Chosen for its meaning, divinely beautiful, the old Scandinavian name Astrid perfectly describes this piece. The silk brushes against your skin, the glossy layers flow gently, and you’ll find yourself wanting to twirl, flaunting the Astrid’s elegance. Whether reliving childhood ballet class in your bedroom mirror, wandering through galleries, or painting the town on a night out, you’ll treasure the Astrid skirt. 

The Astrid Skirt was designed by Murlong Cres for the Autumn/Winter 2021 season. Inspired by Scandinavian tradition. Produced with care in a small, family-owned factory in Zhejiang, China.

This skirt features two layers of delicate silk (top layer in 22 momme; under layer in 19 momme) and a long waistband allowing for a comfortable and adjustable fit around the waist. 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk.


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