Dagny Corset

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Incorporating the Old Norse word for “new,” the name Dagny suits this reimagined Regency-era corset. Corsets in the early 19th century provided support with clever combinations of straps, tapes, and laces. But these corsets differed from earlier designs; they were more natural, accommodating the Grecian and Roman silhouettes that were popular at the time.

Classical styles greatly influenced the Regency era, and Regency influences abound in media and fashion today. So, while wearing your handmade Dagny, you’ll feel its long-lasting quality as well its timelessness – a sense of elegance that has endured centuries. Flattering and comfortable, she adds a vintage yet contemporary feminine touch to your collection.

The Dagny Corset was designed by Murlong Cres. Inspired by Scandinavian tradition and the art of corsetry.

This corset features adjustable shoulder straps, supportive boning in the bodice, a lace-up back, and a ruffle along the top hem. Fully lined. 100% organic cotton.

Mina Marlena wears the Dagny corset in size XS.

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