Posie Camisole (MADE TO ORDER)

800.00 NOK

Crisp cotton against skin warmed by the sun. A gentle coastal breeze ruffles lacy shoulders and a skirt swishing around bare ankles. At a Saturday morning market, a trunk overflows with sewing patterns and fabrics, all softened by time. Pintucks, ribbons, and lace galore – timeless details and textures that have found new life in the Posie petticoat and camisole.

Inspired by the well-worn linens and wildflowers of summer, the Posie pieces are as charming as their sweet namesake. The Posie set was designed by Murlong Cres for the Autumn 2022 collection. It is available in pink, blue, and white.

The Posie camisole features lace straps with ribbons tied at the top of the shoulder, lace trim along the top and bottom hems, as well as buttons, pintucks, and ribbon details at the front. 100% organic cotton. 


Estere Mintika wears the Posie camisole in size XS and the Posie petticoat in size XS. Photographers: Xenia Valule & Andrus Valulis.

Color Fabric:
Color Ribbon:

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