Murlong Cres is a one woman show. Every item is handmade to order in Norway by me, Kaja Høglund. I do everything from designing the patterns, designing printed fabrics, cutting out orders, sewing, ironing, packaging and sending off each individual order.
The inspiration to start my own brand came to me while I was studying graphic design in Australia. As my final project, I had to start my own business. I decided to start my own clothing brand. I have always had a love for fashion illustration, but I had no experience making them come to life. I was able to borrow a sewing machine from a friend, and miraculously (with the help of YouTube) I managed to make a small collection of six garments. This project is what eventually evolved into Murlong Cres.
Murlong Cres is now my full-time job, but I still like to incorporate my graphic design skills. Every print you see online in my store is hand illustrated by me, before printed onto fabrics.