The brand

Murlong Cres is a one woman show and every item is handmade to order in Norway by me, Kaja Høglund. My design process remained the same from day one, and includes designing the fabrics, designing the patterns, cutting out, sewing, stitching, steaming, labelling, packaging and sending off each individual item. Each collection is a manifestation of my personal dream wardrobe — a wardrobe filled with delicate, feminine pieces made to be versatile and effortlessly sophisticated.

What is the story behind the brand?

I have always had a strong urge to travel which is probably why I ended up moving across the world to study in Australia. I studied Digital Media with a Major in Graphic Design, and as my final project I decided to create a clothing brand incorporating my passions for graphic design and fashion. This project is what eventually evolved into Murlong Cres. The name Murlong Cres is inspired by the street I was living in when I was living in Australia called Murlong Crescent.